Wurfl Capabilities Browser Updated

2010/8/22 18:15

This brings the current version up to 2.0.20. So you can now see information on iPhone 4 and Droid X. Also, wurfl introduced a html_ui group that includes a lot of web browser capabilities that are also available in the top shelf smartphones (like the canvas tag).

So far as the interface I introduced a new feature that will return the value of the selected capabilities in the CSV and XML output. Brand and Model are still always returned regardless of whether explicitly selected or not.

There are a few features I'd like to add eventually:

  • Add another way to search the group/capabilities tree. The search box was a stop gap, and its not close to ideal for sorting through the five hundred odd capabilities in WURFL
  • Determine which capabilities have a finite set of choices. So canvas support is either 'full', 'no-text' or 'none', not intuitive. I'd love for capabilities like that, with a small set of available options to be represented by a select box. But easier said than done.
  • Show capability results in the initial Result box, similar to how the CSV/XML files work now. I'll need to think about the layout some more.
Fair warning: the people in charge of maintaining WURFL are talking about dramatic revisions to the base file in the future. If the structure of the file changes drastically my parsing scripts may not work properly. It was a large effort to make this stuff in the first place, I don't know if I'll have the time to rewrite everything from scratch.