Wurfl Capability Browser: Major Update

2011/2/24 4:31

So today marks the release of the newest version of the Wurfl browser (http://wurfl.ditherandbicker.com). In brief the changes encapsulate:

  • Moved db to MySQL from Postgres. I've written about the issues with Postgres before (http://www.ditherandbicker.com/wurfl-capability-browser/postgres-initial-impressions/) and finally decided it was in my best interests to make the switch.
  • Added a fancy dhtmlx (http://www.dhtmlx.com) grid to allow dynamic sorting and filtering of result sets.
  • Limited searches to devices released in the past five years (all in the name of improving speed, I assure you).
  • Updated to the Wurfl file released Feb 3, 2011
  • Added a group/capability tree browser.
  • Capabilities will generally have some descriptive info about what they represent. These were ripped from: http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/help_doc.php
  • You won't have to specify search criteria for a capability to see it in the final output.
  • The capabilities that can be searched against or returned are now limited to five, down from ten.
  • The "describe device" ain't there anymore.
  • XML exporting is also gone.
As before, I haven't put much focus on IE compatibility, given that I don't have easy access to a Windows computer outside of the workplace. IE fixes will probably be forthcoming.

This will probably be the last "major" revision to the tool. Here on out I'll try to update the underlying db a few times a year and may play with the styling some more.