Err... Onto DocPad

2014/4/5 20:00

Not soon after getting this site working in Jekyll, I decided to celebrate by updating all of the necessary libraries.

Big mistake.

Upgrading ruby, jekyll and the myriad plugins introduced a slew of errors ranging from surly marku parsing to failing to start the server. I've little experience in ruby, and that was one of the endearing aspects of picking up Jekyll. Now I feel that it's an ecosystem that I'm just not suited for.

The solution? Another static site scriptor: DocPad.

This one's written in Node.js with Backbone internals and boasts an impressive feature set.

My impressions so far:

  • The errors could be more verbose
  • The markup parser "marked" really doesn't like preformatted blocks that aren't code

That aside the transition went pretty quick, a lazy day and a half of effort. I'm cautiously optimistic that this one will last for a little while at least.